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Big Blue Tech Student in the News

Graduate of Big Blue Tech’s TDI Extended Range Course joins expedition in UAE

Dubai, UAE

Big Blue Tech is proud to hear of a recent expedition in Dubai in seach of a sunken Italian wartime submarine which former Big Blue Tech Graduate Steve Jeffs is part of.

Steve graduated from his TDI Extended Range course in September of 2009 when he joined an expedition to the Sunken Temple in Khao Sok National Park. Steve was integral during that expedition as a team player and a strong technical diver and it appears that those skills have earned him the right to join another exciting diving trip.

Leading the expedition is William Leeman, a member of the Desert Sports Diving Club in Al Quoz, and his team of divers will begin their five-day search for the Galvani in international waters off the coast of Iran on May 28.

The Galvani was sunk by British sloop HMS Falmouth near the Straits of Hormuz on June 26, 1940.

Leeman, who was the first person to find the Nazi submarine U-533 off the coast of Fujairah several years ago, is heading the first expedition to search for the Galvani.

Very little information is available about the whereabouts of the lost Italian sub, which makes her physical discovery even more precious to historians.

Big Blue Tech wishes Steve and the team he’s part of good luck and happy hunting!

You can read more about this expedition here UAE diving team to search for sunken wartime submarine


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