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Tech Diving Expedition: Mv Sea Chart Shipwreck

Technical complete survey and penetration of shipwreck off the coast of Thailand

Khao Lak, Thailand

Continuing the expedition James Foleher and James Thornton-Allan spent 3 days and 6 technical wreck penetration dives on the Mv Sea Chart 1 Wreck wreck located close of the famous Similan Islands off Tab Lamu pier south of Khao Lak.

The Mv Sea Chart 1 Wreck lies in 45m of salt water on it’s starboard side. The 85m long shipwreck sank from rough seas in August of 2009.

The final days of wreck diving explored the main wheel house structure exploring several floors towards the hull in search of access to the engine room. Running penetration lines through the wreck the access door was found on the forth floor down but the it was lying closed horizontally. If you imagine the wreck is on its side so all the doors are either hanging open or hanging closed.

At the time the divers didn’t have the tools or material to secure the door open and took both divers combined strength to open it in the first place. Looking inside the door was a long ladder leading to an area that had gauges and boilers but with already 100m penetration to the door another 100m would be needed to reach the engine room in the massive wreck.

There was no way to hatch a plan under water and would require lengthy discussion on the surface. Thankfully all dives were on trimix so narcosis was not an issue.

While plans were made to extend the penetration, storms and rough weather prevented the divers from returning to the wreck to execute the plan.

The divers concluded this portion of the expedition and departed to Phuket to explore the deep reefs and wrecks in that region.

Special thanks to IQ Dive Shop for providing support with gas fills and longtail boat rides. This is the third time we have relied on IQ Dive Shop for support and they have always exceeded our expectation.


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