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Tech Diving Expedition: Mv Sea Chart 1 Wreck

Technical divers explore shipwreck off the coast of Thailand

Khao Lak, Thailand

Continuing the expedition James Foleher and James Thornton-Allan arrived in Khao Lak to commence technical wreck diving on the Mv Sea Chart 1 Wreck wreck located close of the famous Similan Islands off Tab Lamu pier south of Khao Lak.

The Mv Sea Chart 1 Wreck lies in 45m of salt water on it’s starboard side. The 85m long shipwreck sank from rough seas in August of 2009.

Diving from a wooden “longtail” boat provides quick and easy access to the ship wreck. Arriving at the site which has a permanent government mooring line on it you can see the outline of the wreck from the surface which is typical for the conditions in this region which is typically 30-40 meter visibility.

The divers completed 2 accelerated decompression dives with the first one being a orientation dive followed by a small penetration dive.

The next few days will be focused on penetration of the wreck and exploring further into the structure, rooms and cabins in an attempt to reach the engine room. With skills gathered from technical diving and training in overhead environments both the TDI Advanced Wreck and TDI Cave Diver levels the wreck will proove to be a perfect environment to gain experience.

This will be the third time Big Blue Tech has conducted technical diving on this wreck and it is already evident from the last time that divers have been heavily removing items from the wreck. It is quite common for divers to take souvenirs from wrecks however it take away from future divers a chance to see it undisturbed. Many great wrecks in the world have gone from exciting and interesting to boring metal skeleton shells from divers “recovering” items from wrecks. With that the divers will be following it’s philosophy about wreck diving and will not be removing anything from the dive site.


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