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Tech Diving Expedition: The Departure

3 weeks of technical diving around Asia starts with careful planning.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech depart tonight on another road trip of technical diving around the best destinations in Thailand. This journey was put together for James Foleher who is completing his technical instructor internship with us over 3 months. The expedition is being run by Big Blue Tech’s Director James Thornton-Allan who will be working with Mr. Foleher to complete the essential training and diving to give him the required skills and experience to be an effective technical instructor. James Foleher’s technical instructor assisting and study portion happens in June on our return.

The expedition equipment is carefully being tested and packed into a truck with a compressor which will be our home and method of transportation for the thousands of kilometers covered over the next 3 weeks. The amount of equipment includes a full collection of technical diving gear for both divers along with a large 50l cylinder of oxygen and helium as this trip will include a lot of trimix diving for the greater depths beyond 55m where narcosis isn’t an option.

Along with the right equipment, tools, spares and extra toys the choice of destinations is essential for the right experience. Training technical divers on Koh Tao is perfect for a starting point or for getting logged dives but there’s not a great diversity on conditions. Always flat and warm does not make a good technical diver so we picked locations that included currents, rough seas, fresh water, overheads both cavern, cave and wreck. Even locations where the depth make it night conditions.

The destinations include Khao Sok National Park, The Sunken Temple, 500 Rai, Khao Lak, Sea Chart 1 Wreck, Phucket, Racha Noi, King Cruiser Wreck, Krabi, Sra Keow Cave, Song Hong Cave in Trang, Songkhla, Pattaya wrecks and finally a trip down to Singapore for a weekend of diving on the HMS Repulse.

James will complete his TDI Gas Blender, TDI Compressor Operator, TDI Advanced Gas Blender, TDI Trimix, TDI Cavern and TDI Technical Divemaster course during this trip.

Check back with us to watch the trip and its progresses.


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