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Big Blue Tech becomes a TDI Five Star Instructor Trainer Facility

Technical diving school in Thailand upgrades to training instructor programs.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Facility designations are earned by SDI and TDI retail partners based on specific requirements and service levels which will tell you exactly what to expect when you walk into a facility to go diving or sign-up for training… especially when you are traveling.

A dive center denotes a facility that is a full-service dive shop with a storefront that is primarily focused on retail sales and training. A dive center must offer scuba divers all the essentials in terms of equipment sales, courses (basic and conEd.), air fills and equipment service and rentals. Dive centers must have all the facilities of the previous types of facilities in addition to being an authorized dealer for at least four major equipment lines and offering factory authorized service for that equipment.

A five star instructor training center is a facility offering ALL the features of a dive center but which is also able to conduct instructor courses. This means that an instructor training center must have on staff at least one Instructor Trainer (IT) able to conduct the Instructor Development Course (ITC). This facility offers all the services of a dive center in addition to running at least one ITC a year.

Being a 5 star center denotes a level of quality and standards to ensure the best level of training and service is provided. Big Blue Tech is proud to be awarded this designation and invites divers from around the world to look to us for becoming a technical diving professional with TDI


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