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TDI Extended Range Diver Course Completed

The pinnacle of deep air diving certification achieved in Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of James Foleher from his TDI Extended Range Diver course which was conducted over three days on two separate wrecks in the on Koh Tao Island in the Gulf of Thailand.

As with many of the courses in the TDI training programme, this Extended Range programme serves to add more knowledge and skills to your diving development and leaves you qualified to take on more challenging and adventurous dives.

The course will reinforce much of what has been looked at on previous TDI programmes, but will go into greater depth, as well as introducing some new concepts/ideas.

This course will provide the training and experience required to competently utilize air for dives up to 55 msw (metres of sea water) that require staged decompression, utilizing nitrox mixtures or oxygen during decompression. The object of the programme is to train divers in the proper techniques, equipment requirements, hazards of deep air diving to this depth.

This certification is the maximum depth rating allowed before moving into mixed gas or trimix diving which James will participate in during the later parts of his technical internship.


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