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HMS Repulse Trimix Diving Expedition

Technical divers explore world war 2 wreck off the coast of Singapore.

South China Sea, Singapore

Big Blue Tech recently returned from a technical diving expedition in singapore on the british battleship wreck HMS Repulse which included James Thornton-Allan, Andrew Cavell and Mark Slinn who were participating in a TDI Trimix Course conducted by TDI Trimix Instructor James Thornton-Allan

The expedition was hosted by the Mv Samudera Quest which is built with technical diving facilities in mind including on board trimix blending facilities and a decompression trapeze.

The trip consisted of 2 days on the HMS Repulse and 1 day on the K17 Dutch Submarine.

The HMS Repulse was sank during an Japanese air attack during the second world war making the HMS Repulse a war grave and protected site meaning penetration was not appropriate leaving the exploration of the wreck confined to the exterior. Although penetration has happened in the past we felt being former British military members it would be best to respect the war grave.

During the trip Andrew Cavell noticed on the list of casualties another “Cavell” after some research he found out that his great cousin died during the fall of the Repulse making the wreck and the rule of non-penetration even more profound.

The wreck itself is in 55m of salt water lying almost inverted on its port side with visible torpedo damage midships and stern. The large guns can be seen lying in the sand along with ammunition thrown around the exterior. Visibility was stunning with the wreck visible from the surface of the water. Although currents and swells were quite strong all the divers were trained to a caliber where the conditions posed little concern.

After the two days on the HMS Repulse the trip moved on to the Dutch K17 Submarine Wreck.


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