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Technical Diving with Turtles

A chance at a technical diving proves rewarding

Koh Tao, Thailand

Our Facilities Manager and Technical Instructor Ashley Dunn recently took the challenge in taking his girlfriend, Kelli Bennet, on a discover technical dive off the coast of thailand. His girlfriend is also a diving instructor but works for our recreational side Big Blue Diving.

The morning was spent teaching Kelli how to assemble technical diving equipment with a twin set and manifold along with the reasons behind how we configure our equipment. This lead to the afternoon where some basic safety skills were performed before being able to relax and enjoy a long dive.

For an even more unique experience Kelli saw her first ever sea turtle on Koh Tao. She has been working here for 3 years and never saw one before.

Only because she took the plunge with Big Blue Tech and took the challenge to discover technical diving has she now experienced one of her longest underwater wishes.


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