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Technical Diving Internship

Change of life program for technical diving enthusiasts.

Koh Tao, Thailand

On April 1st Big Blue Tech started a technical diving internship for James Foleher who joins us for the next 3 months covering a series of courses taking him all the way up to technical diving instructor. James is an experience recreational instructor who has been working teaching scuba diving in England but left England for the sunny skies and clear water of Thailand.

During the 3 months James will be working hand in hand with the training team and will receive the following certifications

TDI Intro to Tech
TDI Advanced Nitrox
TDI Decompression Procedures
TDI Extended Range
TDI Trimix
TDI Compressor Operator
TDI Gas Blender
TDI Advanced Gas Blender
TDI Visual Inspection Procedures
TDI O2 Service Technician
TDI Full Face Mask
TDI Semi Closed Rebreather Diver
TDI Cavern Diver
TDI Advanced Wreck Diver
SDI Oxygen Provider
SDI Research Diver
SDI Solo Diver
Aqualung Service Technician
TDI Technical Divemaster
BSAC Instructor (with compressor operator and oxygen provider specialties)
BSAC Extended Range Instructor
PADI TecRec Instructor (Tec 40)

In addition to a large collection of plastic and training James will also be attending trips to Khao Sok, Similan Islands, and wreck liveaboards in Singapore.

The goal of the internship is to train the diver to be an experience technical instructor so they can handle remote expedition style instruction and be able to handle any situation that will arise. Learning topics of equipment service, wreck searches, remote gas blending and portable compressors, trip planning and gas planning, emergency awareness and assisting students with difficulties.

You will see James in most of our news for the next 3 months, so check back with us for updates.


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