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TDI Compressor Operator Course

Handling a scuba diving compressor made easy with the TDI Course

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech recently completed the TDI Compressor Operator course for Paul Herygers during a one day hands on session in our blending room on Koh Tao.

The TDI Compressor Operator course which was written and authored by Big Blue Tech was approved for the teaching of divers the safe operation, handling, maintenance and theory of divers air quality compressors.

The course included filtration packing and changing, oil and air flow system checks, safety inspections, using air bank systems to increase output and filling oxygen clean air with both standard and din filling adapters.

The oxygen clean air is done using a double filter system to preserve oxygen clean ratings on cylinders used for high concentration of oxygen.

After completing the 3 required hours of filling time Paul had successfully graduated from the course and is now eligible to continue on to his TDI Gas Blender course next week.


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