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Discover Megaladon Rebreather in Thailand

Divers discover closed circuit rebreather diving in Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech took interested and curious divers into the shallow confines of a swimming pool on a discover rebreather dive. The discover rebreather dive conducted by Innerspace Megaladon Instructor Ben Reymenants showed the students the function, benefits and assembly of the rebreather followed by a dive in the swimming pool where they could experience the radical difference in buoyancy and silence associated with the complete absence of bubbles.

One diver, a Instructor, called Halvard said “It’s completed opposite to what we have experienced, i breathe out and i go up, then i breathe in and go down, very weird”. Despite the experience being referred to as weird it was also a first for many divers and an experience that peaked a lot of interest in the future of diving.

The CCR Megalodon Rebreather is delivered in two versions, either a computer controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather (e-CCR) or a mechanically or manually controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather (m-CCR) with a 2.5 kilo Carbon Dioxide (Co2) axial absorbent canister that filters the Co2 out of the breathing gas circulating inside the breathing loop.

In the electronic controlled APECS version an computer controls and changes the oxygen partial pressure (Po2) in the breathing gas circulating inside the breathing loop to the demand and input of the diver. In the mechanic or manual controlled COPIS version the diver is reading the Po2 in the loop via a Po2 readout and injects manually the oxygen needed to maintain the desired Po2 into the Rebreather.

The Megalodon CCR can be used as a nitrox unit, normoxic trimix unit and is trimix capable to a depth of more than 500 feet / 150 meters. The CCR Megalodon Rebreather is currently used for a wide range of diving applications such as recreational diving, cave diving, wreck diving or technical diving.

Diving Rebreathers can result in serious injury if not done correctly. Proper training and protocol is required to prevent hypercapnia, hypoxia and hyperoxia. Training and purchase of a Megalodon CCR is available with Ben Reymenats through Big Blue Tech.


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