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Try Technical Diving in Thailand

Recreational sport divers try technical diving in Thailand.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Over the weekend, Technical Diving Instructor Andy Cavell took out two eager recreational sport divers for a try tech dive. This dive takes a diver with no technical diving experience into the ocean and shows them the thrill and excitement of diving in technical diving equipment, the skills involved and the challenges of different buoyancy and trim.

After 2 dives in technical diving gear the students progressed onto a deep diver specialty which taught them how to dive to a depth of 40m. During this course Andy took the students on our wreck the “Big Blue Wreck” for a full day trip of 3 deep, wreck dives over the period of the entire day.

Congrats Todd and Joakim, we’ll see Todd again for his TDI Intro to Tech course in a few days.


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