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Sail Rock Full Day Trip in Thailand

Technical divers and deep divers descend of famous dive site.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Today, in combination with the graduation of a TDI Decompressions Procedures course was the graduation of 12 dive master candidates who completed their Deep Diver and Nitrox Diver course with Big Blue Tech Instructors Thomas Hallstrom and Andy Cavell.

Over the 3 dives on the full day trip the students were exposed to 40m and the use of nitrox for the first time. This training is required for anyone wishing to join us on wreck diving trips coming next week.

While Andy and Thomas were in technical diving gear for safety the students, being recreational dive master interns, were in a single cylinder.

The course was combined with several different agencies which was based on the students preference.

On top of the 3 great dives it was also Martin birthday which he spent celebrating at the front of the boat from seasickness. I’m sure he’ll have a repeat performance tonight for his birthday party.

Big Blue Tech are one of the few schools who frequently conduct full day trips and this was the first one of the season after a pause from strong winds. Although the conditions at sail rock weren’t ideal it was different with soft and hard coral not seen on koh tao and an abundance of marine life not seen elsewhere.

In other news Technical Diver Nick was being lead by Technical Divemaster Ash Dunn around the site gaining more experience and continuing his fun diving with us after a day off wreck diving.


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