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Introduction to Tec Diving in Thailand

Technical diver training begins on Koh Tao

Koh Tao, Thailand – Today Big Blue Tech starts a tec course for Magnus Baer who comes from season and has been travelling for the past 4 months on a round the world trip.

Magnus has been to Koh Tao before working on the Island as a diving instructor so this would be a familiar setting for him t o learn more challenging diving.

Magnus’ tech diving course will include the ‘Intro To Tech’ , ‘Advanced Nitrox’ , ‘Decompression Procedures’ and ‘Extended Range’ modules from TDI (Technical Diving International) which is the leading and most recognized technical diving certification agency in the world. TDI’s motto of ‘We lead, Others Follow’ is indicative of their and our style of technical diving.

While Magnus joined us for specifically TDI training it was the small touches provided by Big Blue Tech which made the difference. The equipment provided for use during the course is staggering and top of the line.

Magnus was issued the following equipment today for use for the duration of his course.
–    Boots, OMS Slipstream Fins, 3mm Wetsuit
–    OMS 60lbs Double Bladder Wing with Aluminium Back plate and Comfort Harness
–    Oms Thigh Pocket, 2 lift bags, OMS Cavern Reel, Finger Reel
–    Titanium Knife, Wrist Slate, Primary and Secondary Torch
–    Backup and Primary Mask
–    Uwatec Bottom Timer and Depth Gauge
–    Suunto Vytec Ds, Compass
–    Apeks XTX 20 back gas regulators
–    Scubapro decompression regulators
–    Personal O2 tank, personal twinset, personal lean mix tank and hardware
–    OMS deco clip hardware and rigging

This is the standard equipment issued to all our students and fun divers. The choice to use this equipment has been based on years to testing other types to fail.

In addition to equipment, Magnus was taken through a refresher of his dive theory including basic physics and physiology to help bring him up to speed with the coming theoretic knowledge needed to succeed on this course.

At lunch Magnus was also taken out by James, Ash and Andy from the team for his 800m swim test which was completed under the required time of 10 minutes.

Tomorrow would be the start of the shallow water skills with his Intro to Tech course which focuses on buoyancy, trim and water control, which is a required foundation for all future technical diving.


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