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Training Team Expansion

New staff bring diversity to technical diving school in Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand – Big Blue Tech welcomes the addition of new staff members to our technical diving team. Over the past few months Big Blue Tech has been actively seeking new employees to help accomodate the demand for training and diving. The new staff members include Helen Artal, Thomas Hallstrom, Duncan Tyler and Andrew Cavell who have been trained in house and start work on the first of March.

Working in the technical diving industry takes a select amount of skills. Not only are customer service skills essential while working in the tourism industry it’s also required to have the skills and education to properly represent this sport in the right manner. While all the new staff are already experience diving professionals it’s their adaptation to technical diving that sets them aside from the rest.

The new team is also a youthful and energetic crowd who are all current in today’s methods and ideology of technical diving which brings a fresh and welcomed spirit to the industry.

To learn more about the new team click on the “Dive Crew” link at the top of the page.


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