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New Colour Indicator Scuba Valves

Scuba cylinder valve manufactures release new safety feature with color indicator

Koh Tao, Thailand – Big Blue Tech return from their last expedition and begin the process of servicing their technical diving equipment in preperation for the next session of technical diving.

One of the tasks include the replacement of our Halcyon valves which we have been having a lot of problems with in terms of handwheel stripping and getting service parts for the proprietary design which caused us a lot of problems when on expedition.

We decided to order a twinset manifold system from Xs Scuba which included a new safety feature. This new feature has a colour inidication which shows the posistion of the tank valve at either fully open, fully closed or half way. This feature uses two sliding inserts in the handwheel that are green and red. When the tank is closed the red colour is showing. As the valve is opened the red colour retracts and the green slowly moves in to replace it. When the cylinder is in the open posistion it shows only green.

For technical diving we think the colour system might not be ideal as colour disapears at depth but certainly as a tool before entering the water and for shallow depths during gas exchange.


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