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Valentines Tech Expedition: Conclusion

Technical divers return home after 2 weeks on the road.

Koh Tao, Thailand – Big Blue Tech returned to Koh Tao this morning after completing 2 weeks on the road during a technical diving expedition.

The team members including James Thornton-Allan, Andy Cavell, Yvonne Fries, Helen Artal, Thomas Hallstrom and Duncan Tyler completed their full tech course with a certification of Extended Range and explored a variety of diving styles and environments to make the divers very well rounded and confident.

In the end the students logged 30 technical dives in fresh and salt water and depths up to 55m.

This is the second successful expedition this year with another one planned for the end of April which takes divers to Singapore for Trimix diving. For more information about how you can join future trips or training feel free in contacting us.


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