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Valentines Tech Expedition: Cave Diving Thailand

Technical divers explore caves and caverns in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand – Big Blue Tech completed the cave and cavern diving portion of their expedition with the certification of a TDI Cavern Diver certification for Helen Artal, Thomas Hallstrom, Fanette LeGoarand and James Rickert during a 4 day/ 3 night expedition in Khao Sok National Park which hosts a man made lake with hundreds of undiscovered caves and cavern systems.

The course included all entry level skills including found in overhead diving including how to use a reel, deal with limited visibility and working as a team. In addition they also had to get used to fresh water buoyancy and diving in remote areas.

After certification the divers explored new areas and discovered some new caves in the 10 – 18m range which will be explored at a later date. On one dive a team covered over 1km of submerged limestone wall looking for caves.

On the final day the team departed from Khao Sok National Park and returned to Koh Tao on the 20th.


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