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Valentines Tech Expedition: Khao Sok Cave Diving

Technical Divers head to Khao Sok National Park for cavern and cave diving

Khao Sok, Thailand – Divers on the Valentines Tech Expedition leave Khao Lak for Khao Sok National Park for the overhead diving portion of the expedition which includes cavern and cave level diving.

The Rajjaprabha Dam (also called Chieo Lan Dam) was built in the 1980’s flooding the valley of large limestone cliffs creating a large man made lake. This lake submerged caves and caverns making it perfect for cave and cavern diving and cave diving training.

Also in this lake is a submerged village with a temple which was deserted before the flooding. This temple was discovered during a expedition by Big Blue Tech in June of 2009 – “Wat Lies Beneath

Big Blue Tech will be in Khao Sok for 3 days and 3 nights before returning to Koh Tao. A full report and pictures will follow.


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