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Scuba Diving Compressor Operator

Diver Air Quality Compressor Operator Handling Course Completed in Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand – Big Blue Tech completed a BSAC Compressor Operator course today for Divemaster Intern Dylan Thornton by BSAC Instructor Ash Dunn.

The BSAC Compressor Operator course is about teaching the proper handling, procedures and functions of divers air quality compressors and banked air systems.

Divers air quality compressors are not the same as compressors you use for filling tires or using a nail gun. The quality of the air has to be high to prevent any respiratory problems for the divers breathing it under pressure. With the quality of the air so important Dylan was also taught how to change the filters which have special chemicals inside to help remove toxins and moisture before being put into the scuba divers cylinder.

The course consists with a  morning of academic theory lessons and afternoon of practical hands on filling and then concludes with a written exam. Dylan progresses tomorrow on to his Gas Blender course where he will use his skills again to fill nitrox cylinders.

In addition to this the rest of the team have been busy servicing regulators and equipment in preperation for the start of the next tech course which starts bright and early tomorrow for 4 eager future technical divers.


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