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Poseidon Discovery – now available for 10,000 diving instructors.

TDI (Technical Diving International), the largest technical certification agency in the world, is now offering training in the sports diver Rebreather, also known as Poseidon Discovery. TDI is seen as an innovator always bringing new, exciting and functional diving techniques and programs to the general diving public.

All of the thousands TDI-certificated dive leaders around the world now have the opportunity to get educated in the Rebreather system. This means that the possibility for scuba divers to be taught by an Rebreather-educated instructor has increased considerably.

“I would call this the crucial step för the Rebreather to reach the great amount of recreational divers all over the world,” says Kurt Sjöblom, CEO of Poseidon Diving Group AB. “My prediction is is that 2010 will really be the year of the Rebreather!”

Poseidon was founded by divers, for divers. When Ingvar Elfström launched the world’s first single hose regulator in 1958 it became an immediate sensation. The company currently has 30 employees and over 2000 agents worldwide. Headquarters and manufacturing is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The world’s first closed breathing system for recreational divers
Unlike traditional breathing systems for recreational divers, Poseidon Discovery reuses the exhaled breath. This extends the diving time from 40 minutes to several hours. In November 2008, Poseidon Discovery was awarded the international award “Best of What’s New Award” by Popular Science, one of the largest popular science magazines.

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