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Golden Horseshoe Expedition: Sra Keow Cave

Technical Divers Explore Asia’s Deepest Cave

Krabi, Thailand – Today Big Blue Tech conducted 2 dives inside the deepest cave in Asia called Sra Keow cave in the province of Krabi in Thailand. This cave is famous for recent penetrations to depths of 240m and continued expeditions are planned for further exploration.

Our goals were simply to check out the cave and see what they’re like. The surroundings are stunning and this would be a good chance to see some alternative diving and explore a system that has received a lot of attention in the past. Keeping with air depth limits we would only enter to maximum of 60m at which point narcosis and partial pressure of oxygen inspired would be too much of a risk or concern for overhead diving.

On our first dive we were surprised how the entrance to the cave begins almost immediately on descent. Clearly tied permanent lines were helpful but we ran our own initially until we knew the lines could be trusted. The cave itself is very silty and dirty; it’s basically a mud pit with limestone shapes. Every single move had to be calculated as the visibility was easily disturbed. Inside the cave itself it’s quite easy to navigate around as it’s a very large system with enough room for 2 dives to enter and exit easily. Additionally the installation of arrows are placed well except for the nasty line trap on ascent which can’t be avoided.

After the first dive we headed to see Dave at OneStop Dive centre for air and nitrox fills. While waiting we bought too much technical diving gear from him and generally took over his store kicking the tires for a few hours.

Our second dive of the day was was completed to a maximum depth of 60m staggered with surface support and then we went for a walk through one of the surface caves in the area.

In general we thought the cave was perfect for people who like dark, dirty, silty, smelly holes in the ground (like us) but not so great for people who like pretty open caves.It was also very cold which was quite shocking in our 3mm wetsuits.

The cave is also technically difficult with the aspects of narcosis, decompression and a whole host of hazards and it’s not reccomended for novice divers.

The team moves on to Phi Phi tomorrow for some sea caves off the coast before heading back up the west coast for our final leg of our tour.

Special thanks to OneStop and Bruce Konefe for their advice and support.


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