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Golden Horseshoe Expedition: Krabi Caves

Technical Divers arrive in Ao Nang resort town for deep fresh water cave diving.

Krabi, Thailand – Big Blue Tech arrived in the town of Ao Nang in Krabi province in southern Thailand today to set up a base for diving in Sra Keow Cave located in the jungle about 25km outside of Ao Nang Town which is reported to be 240m deep in a fresh water pool.

Sra Keow cave is clearly sign posted from the main road as a tourist destination in the region. During our initial visit today we saw many tourists enjoying the rope swing and swimming in the pool.

This resurgence fresh water pool has been explored by many divers in the past with some claiming to have reached a depth of 240m inside the pool which forms a cave. All this activity on the diving forums and in magazines and even then controversy over claims of who actually dived the disputed record breaking dive all lead us to want to check it out even more.

Although we’re conducting deep air dives to maximum 60m it will still be a good chance to check out this pool and see if it’s worth returning with trimix to explore further and continue to visit the pool in the future.

After checking out Sra Keow and other dry caves in the region we headed off to “One Stop” dive shop in Ao Nang where we met with Dave who works there. One Stop is the only distributor of Halcyon gear in Thailand and is very tech friendly. With a bit of shopping done and some logistics sorted for gas fills we checked into a hotel and relaxed for the evening with some starbucks coffee and Thai massage. The following day would be a great challenge both logistically and physically so a good nights rest was needed.

Tomorrow we would conduct 2 deep dives on site and then moving on to Phi Phi Island.


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