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Scuba Diving Safety Lecture in Khao Lak

Decompression sickness and diver fitness explained in lecture

Khao Lak, Thailand – Big Blue Tech attended a  on January 12 2010 given by Dr, Lukas Fischer of SSS Recompression Chamber Network hosted by Walkers Inn bar and grill about scuba diving related illnesses and fitness for diving with particular attention to diving medicals for recreational diving. In attendance were James Thornton-Allan, Mark Slinn, Matt Payne, Andy Cavell and Emily Billingham who joined several others from different diving schools in the region for the 2 hour lecture.

Dr. Lukas Fischer is Consultant in Anaesthetics – Hyperbaric Physician – HSE approved Medical Examiner of Divers – UK Sports Diving Medical Committee Referee who joins the SS Recompression Chamber Network from his previos role as consultant for the London Hyperbaric Services and Emergency Diving Services in England.

The lecture covered all topics including the formation of bubbles in the body related to diving and how they can effect a diver. Topics like arterial gas embolism, patent formen ovale and neurological examinations were explained. For many in the room these conditions were already well known but it was delivered in such great detail that everyone could benefit from the information delivered. The lecture concluded with a short section on conditions associated with the diving medical followed by a question and answer period.

This lecture was essential for Andy and Mark who are currently enrolled in a Technical Diving Internship course and the information gained would be of great benefit in the future if faced with diving related injuries.


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