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Golden Horseshoe Expedition: Sea Chart 1 Wreck – Part 2

Technical Divers explore further inside the ‘Sea Chart 1’ shipwreck

Khao Lak, Thailand – Big Blue Tech continues their exploration of the ‘Sea Chart 1’ shipwreck off the shore of Khao Lak in Thailand. The dives conduced today were to begin penetration of the inside of the shipwreck including it’s engine room, wheel house, stern hold and bow compartment. These penetrations were conducted in groups with exterior support and conducted over 2 technical dives.

Penetration of the ‘Sea Chart 1’ shipwreck is complicated by the unstable cargo of large hard wood logs which are held in place by steel cable which is slowly rusting and will eventually break under the immense weight applied by the sideways position of the boat.  While many logs have spilled out into the sand, many remain applying a great deal of pressure which restricts penetration to only a few areas.

Additionally the current and visibility improved today alowing further exploration outside the wreck which allowed the team to look at the propellers and hull.

During our dives we found signs that a fire might of contributed to the sinking. Although no actual fire damage could be seen there was fire fighting equipment in use in some areas including fire blankets and a full face mask or BA set used to fight fires. As more dives are conducted more information is revealed about this wreck and it’s condition.


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