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Golden Horseshoe Expedition: Sea Chart 1 Wreck

The Sea Chart 1 shipwreck get’s explored by technical divers for the first time

Khao Lak, Thailand – Big Blue Tech conducted accelerated technical dives on the Sea Chart 1 shipwreck on the morning of January 9 2010. The purpose of this dive was to explore the recently sunk shipwreck and expose features to other divers who have been limited by recreational diving rules and restrictions.

Aided by a diving modified longtail the group of technical divers included James Thornton-Allan, Mark Slinn, Matt Payne, Emily Billingham and andy Cavell explored the entire shipwreck in a checkout dive to aid further surveys in the days to come.

The shipwreck lies on it’s starboard side in 40m with it’s highest point at 27m. The wreck itself is a staggering 85m and it feels like crossing a football field when finning from bow to stern.

Big Blue Tech have a strict policy againts removing items from wrecks and therefore didn’t disturb any of the items found on there. However, there were signs of items being removed which can only be recognized if you knew what to look for, items like the ships bell and compass have been removed by either recreational divers before us or the navy divers during their survey.

The next few days would be focused around this shipwreck with 2 dives daily on the 10th, 11th and 12th we will be updating this post with pictures as the dives are completed.


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