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Golden Horseshoe Expedition: Matt Arrives

The technical diving team is finally assembled as another dive arrives

Khao Lak, Thailand – The technical diving team came together today with the arrival of Matt Payne who would be joining us for the similan islands portion of diving. Matt joins Andy, Emily and Mark for his TDI Extended Range, Gas Blender and Compressor Operator course which will be combined with wreck diving and a liveaboard on the Similan Islands.

Matt arrived this morning from Phuket Airport after a flight from his home in Pattaya. Matt joined us last year for a Khao Sok Expedition where he completed his Cavern and Decompression Procedures course.

Also today Andy and Emily were on a trip to Ranong to get their visas extended, this left James, Mark and Matt the afternoon free to be tourists. One of the more remarkable things in this area is the tsunami memorial which pays homage to the people who lost their lives and were effected during this event during christmas in 2005. This is illustrated by a large police boat which was swept over a kilometer in land and is now displayed as a reminder to the force and destruction of the water which took over 4000 lives in Khao Lak alone.

The remainder of the day would be spent adjusting gear, charging flashlights/torches, checking our dive profile through our decompression dive planner and getting to bed early for tomorrow would start at 7am to get on the wreck at slack tide.


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