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Golden Horseshoe Expedition: Departure

Big Blue Tech’s technical diving expedition officially began with the departure from Koh Tao on January 3 2010 heading towards the mainland on the Seatran Ferry. The journey was to take only 2 hours but in the end took 3 because of all the passengers during this very busy time of year. This journey is different from our last ones. In the past we normally take a nightboat ferry because it’s simply easier, however since Seatran Ferry have moved their peir further south it proved to be the way forward for getting off the island. On the ferry was James Thornton-Allan, Andy Cavell and Emily Billingham with all the gear to meet Mark Slinn at the peir who was waiting with our truck.

Once the truck was loaded we began the journey from Chumphon City to a Hotel just outside the national park, it would be to late in the evening to travel across the lake to our permanent floating hotel. We arrived at the hotel just after 10pm and met up with our friend ‘Note’ who has accommodated Big Blue Tech many times in the past. Unfortunately we were too slow for Andy to catch the Leeds United v. Manchester United game where leeds won thus kicking man u out of the FA Cup, which was evidently important to a man from Yorkshire based on all the complaining in the back of the truck while furiously hitting the refresh button on Marks internet phone.

The morning would be the start of diving activities so it was off to bed early for everyone.


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