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Golden Horseshoe Technical Diving Expedition

Today Big Blue Tech are busy planning and packing for the upcoming 3 week long technical diving expedition through Thailand.

Technical Director James Thornton-Allan leads a group of technical divers through some of the best technical diving Thailand has to offer. James leads a group consisting Matt Payne, Andy Cavell, Mark Payne and Emily Billingham.

The expedition is scheduled to visit Khao Sok Nation Park, Nam Ta Loo Cave, Sra Keow Cave, Song Hong Sink Hole, Sea Chart 1 Shipwreck, Similan Islands on a live aboard, Emerald Cave in Krabi and other undisclosed ventures that won’t be revealed until after it’s secured discovery.

During the expedition the divers will earn many certifications including their Cavern, Intro to Cave and Cave certification along with Extended Range, Compressor Operator Gas Blender and Advanced Gas Blender (Helium Blender)

The most daunting task of any expedition is the planning and logistics to allow us to dive everyday in several different locations covering hundreds of miles.

This expedition requires special equipment we don’t normally take with us which includes an Haskel Mini Oxygen Booster, Helium and Oxygen Analyzer, Portable Petrol Powered Compressor, GPS and Portable Sonar, Oxygen and Helium Filling Whips, Torches, Cameras, Satellite Phone and Emergency Oxygen, Dive Medic First Aid Kits, A 4 Door 4×4 Pick-up Truck and that doesn’t include the actual diving equipment or personal equipment.

This expedition is also a great opportunity to show new technical divers the essential foundation of this style of extreme diving which has it’s roots in exploring the unknown and going where the majority of other divers never venture. Not only that it’s all about going where we want to go diving and getting wet when it suits us. No boat schedule, no time table, just the open road and a lot of water to jump into.

You can follow our expedition as we’ll be updating the news from the road.


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