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Happy New Year from Big Blue Tech

Looking back on 2009 Big Blue Tech remembers the people that came to our little island in Thailand and left such a profound impact on us we couldn’t forget them.

Big Blue Tech was very active in 2009 and helped shape the growth of technical diving in the region. It seemed wherever we went many would follow which exposed technical diving to more divers than ever before a success seen clearly by the creation of technical diving sections in many other recreational diving schools on the Island further solidifying Koh Tao as a major diving destination in the world.

This year Big Blue Tech issued over 200 technical, rebreather and cave diving certifications. We became a TDI and BSAC Technical Diving Facility and began teaching technical diving instructor courses to our interns.

But we couldn’t of done all this without our customers, staff, divers and friends who helped us along the way. We need to thank specifically Cory Lewis, Oskar Sjöström, Christos Kardana, Tim Klein, Andy Holdaway, Darran Jones and Matt Rolph for their support.

We also remember those of the technical diving community who are not with us anymore. This year had too many technical diving accidents around the world and with that our hearts go out to the families of these divers who are without their loved ones this holiday season.

Looking forward to 2010 Big Blue Tech is expanding and growing at the same rate for the past 3 years. We finally broke ground on the expansion giving us twice more space for our staff and equipment to work. We will also be offering TDI, SSI and BSAC technical diving instructor courses issuing the most respected certifications in the technical diving community, this is a result of our staff becoming instructor trainers for each certification agency.

Additionally in 2010 Big Blue Tech will be taking on another senior instructor to accommodate our expansion and hoping to have a third new instructor to help with our peak season in May. We got a bigger compressor for all our cave and cavern diving in Khao Sok because the Bauer Junior just isn’t big enough. And finally we’ll have our continuous flow trimix system working hopefully by the end of January.

Unfortunately we say goodbye to Guillaume Fargues who leaves Big Blue after 6 years as an instructor to join a different dive school in his goal to become a PADI Course Director. We wish him all the luck in the world and would like to remind him it’s only a 5 minute walk to come see his friends so no excuses!

So happy New Year, save diving and we hope to see everyone again in 2010!