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Dive Rite Wing Recall

This is the third product recall this year from technical diving manufacturers. Already Halycon and OMS have voluntarily recalled their products throwing the entire technical diving equipment manufacturing industry in question.

In cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dive Rite is issuing a voluntary recall on various Dive Rite Wings.

The Over Pressurization Valve (OPV) springs found on Dive Rite wings manufactured between June 2006 and October 2008 may rust and fail allowing the buoyancy compensator devices to leak. The wings may be red, blue or black in color and have serial numbers falling between 42000 and 72000. The following models are affected by this recall: Travel, Venture, Rec, Trek, Classic, Nomad and Super Wings It does not affect EXP or 360-branded wings. The recall does not affect lift bags, surface marker tubes or other Dive Rite inflatable devices.

Due to the serious implications of an OPV spring failure, consumers should stop using the recalled diving equipment and have the OPV spring immediately replaced by a Dive Rite authorized dealer or distributor.

More information can be viewed on their website.