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Merry Christmas to Big Blue!

Today Big Blue got the best christmas present any dive could hope for; the return of our flagship vessel the Mv Banzai. The Mv Banza has spent the last month on the mainland of Thailand getting engine work and a paint job. The boats here take quite a beating over a diving season and go away for repairs every November.

The plan was to get our boat back next year but she arrived this afternoon. A loud cheer could be heard on sighting it steaming towards koh tao on the horizon of the sea.

With the return on Mv Banzai brings our Koh Tao fleet to 4 boats which means it’s now time for Sail Rock full day trips in the new year!

Merry Christmas everyone!


BSAC Skill Development Course (SDC) in Thailand

Big Blue Tech and BSAC Thailand completed Skill Development Courses for Ash Dunn and Mark Slinn during a workshop in Koh Tao on the 23rd of December to ehnace their abilities as scuba diving instructors.

A SDC is a course that teached instructors the ability to deliver different or signature courses. For example, a nitrox course could be considered a SDC because it delivers a specific skill set rather then enhancing day to day diver skills.

BSAC Thailand took Mark and Ash through the  BSAC Oxygen Administrator Instructor and BSAC Compressor Operator Instructor SDC during the day long workshop. During this time the students had to demonstrate their overall knowledge and ability in both disciplines to the instructor examiner.

After a written and practical exam they were issued their certification cards and received authority to begin teaching the courses.

Andy Cavell, our other intern, missed this event because he was teaching a PADI Deep and Nitrox Specialty Course. He will complete this workshop on the 29th of December.

The rest of the SDC will be earned in February with titles such as Gas Blender Instructor, Mixed Gas Diver Instructor and various other accompanying disciplines like service technician skills.

For more information or to attend our next cross-over, sdc workshop or instructor course please contact us or