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German WW2 wreck discovered off Fujairah

The Gulf of Oman’s pithy-black deeps have finally surrendered secrets of the mystery sinking of Nazi submarine U-533 during the Second World War.

Several years after the discovery of the U-boat on the seabed 108 metres below by Dubai shipwreck hunter and diver William Leeman, a new deep-sea mission in October to the U-boat’s final resting place has confirmed a fatal blast hole was ripped into her rear port side, dooming the twin-screwed 76.8-metre-long vessel and 52 crew members to a watery grave.

Capitalizing on clear waters and armed with electric underwater scooters and high-powered spotlights, Leeman and his team of recreational divers discovered the two-metre gash near her propellers, confirming reports by RAF (Royal Air Force) Squadron 244 that a British light bomber aircraft had scored a direct strike on the submarine on October 16, 1943.

Source: Xpress


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  2. Emmanuel dC Espina

    surely this is an exciting piece for all diving enthusiast in the region not to mention the potentiality of the find… which will go a long way for recreational diving.If possible kindly give other details, thank you

    December 23, 2009 at 5:37 pm