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BSAC Cross-Over and Instructor Course in Thailand

Big Blue Tech has been hosting a BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) instructor and cross-over course for Ash Dunn, Mark Slinn and Andy Cavell who will be working towards their BSAC Open Water Instructor rating.

The course began with an orientation and moved through topics like academic presentations, confined water presentations and open water presentations. BSAC instructor courses are more streamlined focusing on simply the instructors ability to teach diving and doesn’t put emphasis on ability to sell which is a large portion of other instructor courses.

After 2 days Andy Cavell graduated as he is already an experienced instructor (PADI IDC Staff Instructor). After graduating Andy has to wait for the other two lads to finish before more technical training can continue so he picked up some teaching work by conducting a Deep and Nitrox Specialty starting tomorrow.

Ash and Mark continued through the program delivering more presentations and learning the BSAC way of teaching. This course is essential for their upcoming BSAC Instructor course which will be done in February and ther Compressor Operator Instructor course on the 23rd.

The course was conducted by Les Skelton who is BSAC Thailand director and Instructor Trainer.

Congratulations to all those involved and good luck teaching tomorrow Andy!


German WW2 wreck discovered off Fujairah

The Gulf of Oman’s pithy-black deeps have finally surrendered secrets of the mystery sinking of Nazi submarine U-533 during the Second World War.

Several years after the discovery of the U-boat on the seabed 108 metres below by Dubai shipwreck hunter and diver William Leeman, a new deep-sea mission in October to the U-boat’s final resting place has confirmed a fatal blast hole was ripped into her rear port side, dooming the twin-screwed 76.8-metre-long vessel and 52 crew members to a watery grave.

Capitalizing on clear waters and armed with electric underwater scooters and high-powered spotlights, Leeman and his team of recreational divers discovered the two-metre gash near her propellers, confirming reports by RAF (Royal Air Force) Squadron 244 that a British light bomber aircraft had scored a direct strike on the submarine on October 16, 1943.

Source: Xpress