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Hilter isn’t an advanced diver (parody)

YouTube have released a parody of Hitler complaining about his treatment by DIR divers for not being an advanced diver.

This video clip is actor Bruno Ganz playing Adolf Hitler during the end of world war II in the movie “Der Untergan (Downfall)” 2004 Constatin Films.

The premise of this parody is Hitlers highest command having the job of delivering the bad news to Hitler that his reservation to go diving on a charter boat in California won’t work because he isn’t an advanced open water diver. Hitler then starts to rant about split fins, snorkels and even making the mistake of wearing his mask on his forehead when not in trouble. The best quote in the movie is when the character says “I’m virtually a tech diver, i’ve put the gallileo into deco and traded my bcd for a transpac”

The film is very clever and many who are divers themselves will find this funny. Thanks to Kaare from the GUE Members mailing (Quest @ list for sending us the link.


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