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Thailand Premiere of “Lost and Found: Legacy of the USS Lagarto”

On December 12, 2009 the Screening Room on Koh Tao will host the Thailand premier of “Lost and Found-Legacy of the USS Lagarto” starting at 7:30. The screening room can be found across from Asia Divers resort in Sai Ree.

The documentary investigates the loss of the USS Lagarto, focusing on the submarine’s history and crew, events leading up to her sinking, and heart-felt memories and perspectives of family members.
USS Lagarto was one of 28 submarines built by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company during World War II.  Lagarto was on her second war patrol when she sank just weeks before the end of the war with 86 seamen aboard.  For 60 years, the sub was lost in the Pacific Ocean, her final resting place unknown.
Lagarto was finally found in 2005 by Mv Trident, sitting upright in 225 feet of water. To explore the first WWII sub ever found and capture underwater high-definition footage of Lagarto for a documentary, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum sponsored an expedition led by the History Channel’s “Deep Sea Detectives,” Richie Kohler and John Chatterton. This footage was also contributed with the help of Ace Marine Images.

With this history-making documentary, experience Kohler and Chatterton’s dive to explore the mystery behind Lagarto’s final battle.  The documentary includes excerpts of unforgettable interviews with the crew’s surviving family members, as well as first-hand battle experiences recalled by submarine veterans.  Learn what Lagarto’s discovery tells us about men of the sea during wartime and the families they left behind.

The film picked up the awards for the categories of Historical Documentary, Musical Composition/Arrangement and Writing in the Regional Emmy’s for Chicago, Midwest Region.
“We are delighted to announce that on Saturday night, 7 November 2009, the documentary, “Lost and Found”, about the submarine USS Lagarto was awarded three Emmys. It picked up up 5 nominations, including one for outstanding cinematography, and went home with 3 awards. We are proud to have been involved in such a spectacular and significant film and could not even have imagined that our underwater footage could have helped to bring about such acclaim.”

Here’s a trailer for the Emmy winning documentary – if you’re interested in getting hold of a copy visit

More info can be found here as well.


Solo Diving with Whale Sharks in Thailand

This morning divers on Koh Tao were treated with the presence of a Whale Shark at the local dive site Chumphon Pinnacle.

Mark Slinn who is enrolled in a technical diving internship with Big Blue Tech was utilizing his SDI Solo Diver Certification this morning when he spent quality time with the whale shark. Mark experienced one on one interaction without any other divers.

This is not the first time mark has dived with whale sharks but it is his first time alone which made this a unique and special diving experience. When he got back to the boat, teh dives on board didn’t believe him and after all there were no witnesses, this remained the case until Yvonne Fries Big Blue Tech Crew arrived on the boat after completing some deep training dives and had also seen the shark.

So congratulations to the divers that saw them and .. sorry, maybe next time to the ones that didn’t.

Here is some stock footage from Ace Marine Images about Whale Sharks of Koh Tao

Hilter isn’t an advanced diver (parody)

YouTube have released a parody of Hitler complaining about his treatment by DIR divers for not being an advanced diver.

This video clip is actor Bruno Ganz playing Adolf Hitler during the end of world war II in the movie “Der Untergan (Downfall)” 2004 Constatin Films.

The premise of this parody is Hitlers highest command having the job of delivering the bad news to Hitler that his reservation to go diving on a charter boat in California won’t work because he isn’t an advanced open water diver. Hitler then starts to rant about split fins, snorkels and even making the mistake of wearing his mask on his forehead when not in trouble. The best quote in the movie is when the character says “I’m virtually a tech diver, i’ve put the gallileo into deco and traded my bcd for a transpac”

The film is very clever and many who are divers themselves will find this funny. Thanks to Kaare from the GUE Members mailing (Quest @ list for sending us the link.