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Visual Inspection Procedures in Thailand

Today Big Blue Tech visited Dave of Aquatech Scuba Service and Repair to complete the TDI Visual Inspection Procedures (VIP) course for the Technical Diving Interns Andy and Mark.

We visited Dave because he has all the expensive precise tools needed including the “go no-go guage” and the hydrostatic testing station. We also needed to hydro static two scuba cylinders that had expired and thought this would be a great chance to show the interns how the whole process works.

Dave showed the interns how to use the several different tools, hydro static test, cleaning the cylinder and marking the exterior to show the valid new test stamp.

After we left Aquatech we returned to the shop to complete the exam for the visual inspection procedures. And not a moment too soon as the rain started. Although the interns are quite eager to finally get in the water they realized they were lucky to be doing all this service work when they saw the cold and miserable people ouside in the rain. So with the kettle on and some music we sat and relaxed through the afternoon as the rain passed.

The interns enjoy a few days off and then spend sunday doing their DAN 02 provider course. The phylosophy behind that decision was to ensure all members of the dive team could help each other rather then just relying on the staff for help. Hopefully we’ll get a member of staff to come in on the weekend to get some pictures.


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