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Technical Divemaster Internship in Thailand

Today is the official start for the technical diving internship for Andy and Mark. Andy returns a year after completing his dive master course with Big Blue and later becoming a PADI instructor in the Uk. Marl completed his solo diver certification earlier in the year and has decided to just in the deep end head first to become a technical diving instructor.

The 3 month intensive internship includes everything needed to be a technical diving instructor in today’s diving climate. The following certifications will be EARNED in the coming months.

* Gas Blender
* Compressor Operator
* Visual Inspections Procedures
* Equipment Service Technician
* O2 service technician
* Full Face Mask Diver
* DAN Oxygen Provider
* Advanced Nitrox Diver
* Cavern Diver
* Unlimited diving
* Decompression Procedures Diver
* Advanced Gas Blender
* SCR Rebreather Diver
* Solo Diver
* Research Diver
* All Khao Sok Trips
* All Similans Islands Liveaboards
* Extended Range and Trimix Diver
* TDI Technical Divemaster Rating
* BSAC Extended Range, compressor operator and oxygen provider Instructor
* Aqualung Service Technician Instructor

Today started with basic gas laws, dive planning and a review of nitrox and diving terms. In the afternoon the interns started their visual inspection course by servicing their own twin set and cylinders. These twin sets along with diving gear would be their own to use for the duration of the 3 months so it was essential they learned not only how to use them but also the process to troubleshoot and service them. Even Ash joined in for a bit of a theory refresher.

Tomorrow the interns move into advanced nitrox planning along with more visual inspections before the weekend.

Our internships happen every 3 months, the next available space is march 15th.


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