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Diving Sunken Villages in Thailand

Ayesha Cantrell has written an article about diving in Khao Sok which features pristine caves and caverns with the lesser known feature of sunken villages, one of which has a submerged temple.

Ayesha  refers to the sunken village  we located and dived on earlier in the year, which you can read more about HERE and HERE

In one section Ayesha describes the environment perfectly in saying:

If you live in Thailand, working as a dive instructor, people think that you are constantly on holiday. Not so, and it’s good to get away once in a while, go diving somewhere else for a bit of fun, to see something different and keep island fever at bay.

Khao Sok National Park is as different as you can get from Koh Tao. The park is made up of thick ancient rain forest, calm and peaceful, with beautiful limestone columns towering out of the 165sq km lake that dominates the park. Most people go to trek in the jungle, spot wildlife and absorb the tranquillity, but a lake that large holds too much temptation for avid divers. This is where we go to chill out!

The rest of her article can be found on the DSAT Tec-Rec Blog

If you would like to dive on one of these sunken villages then you can join our monthly expeditions. For more info you can contact us at


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