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In 2010 Big Blue Tech will begin distribution of the OMS Side-Mount System called the OMS ‘PROFILE’. Big Blue Tech saw this system first in February of 2009 while it was being trialled in the caves of Khao Sok National Park by one of it’s developers.

Along with the release of this new system will also be in the introduction of Side Mount courses including cavern, cave and technical diving specific course for the Side Mount popularity.

Side mount systems have been growing but because of problems importing the products to Thailand it has been difficult to get the market leading manufacturers products causing a slow reaction to this growing trend.

The official details can be found on the OMS website;

This system has filled a void and will offer the “at home” and traveling diver freedom from the weight concerns of handling “back mounted” doubles. Side-mount allows individuals with limited physical abilities and lower back issues to enjoy the redundancy of two tanks and two regulators by minimizing the amount of weight on the lower back and lowering the center of gravity for increased stability when entering/exiting the water. Additionally reaching behind your head to shut off or turn on your manifold valve is a thing of the past as both cylinder valves are near your hands. Traveling divers can relax knowing that easily available single tanks are all they need to enjoy redundancy and adequacy of gas supply for any dive around the world.


  • Allows the diver to utilize most harness and wing systems (with standardized 11 inch O.C. hole spacing)
  • Over the shoulder design keeps the wing close to the divers back and allows air to travel freely from divers left to right
  • Integral bib adds over 1/8” inch of abrasion protection to the vulnerable top part of the wing
  • No changes to the fit of the harness throughout the inflation of the wing from empty to full capacity
  • Permits the Rebreather diver to back mount the CCR scrubber and side mount the Oxygen and Diluent cylinders
  • Enables the diver to back mount the bottom gas and side mount the decompression gases
  • Streamlines the diver allowing access to tight, remote, hard to reach caves and wreck passage ways.

Below are some pictures from the OMS Website about the new product.


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