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Rebreather Diver Dies in Malaysia

Friends of the Singapore National Eye Centre specialist who died in a diving accident on Saturday said he was feeling well before the accident.

One of the divers who tried to resuscitate Dr Marcus Lim recounted the tragedy.

Dr Lim was passionate about photography and he was able to combine this with his love of diving to stunning effect.

On Saturday, he was diving near a shipwreck in the South China Sea. He was honing his skills in preparation for a diving expedition to Antarctica in 2010.

A friend who was there said Dr Lim, who was feeling well before the dive and went down with a group of three others under calm sea conditions, experienced some difficulties after 23 minutes underwater. He was brought to the surface and lost consciousness.

Jay Siak, dive buddy of Dr Lim, said: “CPR was commenced, and the boat set sail for the nearest hospital which is Mersing Hospital. But despite four hours of CPR, we could not revive him.”

The keen sportsman and Liverpool Football Club fan was described by family and friends as level-headed and a loving father.

Heather Lim, a friend of Dr Lim, said: “When we first heard the news, I was completely devastated – just sat up on my bed and started crying. Such a great loss. Such a lovely person.”

Dr Lim leaves behind a three-year old son, Jayden, and his pregnant wife Christy who declined to be filmed. Their baby boy is due to be born next month and Dr Lim had already chosen his name – Tristan

Dr Marcus Lim, 37, was using a device called a rebreather and breathing a mix of gases called trimix – nitrogen, oxygen and helium.


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  1. Yanni Borneo Turtle

    My deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Marcus Lim. May GOD bless his soul.
    Rest in peace fellow diver….
    ~ Yanni Borneo Turtle

    November 3, 2009 at 1:47 pm

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