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Closed for Monsoon

Big Blue Tech will be closing it’s doors for training for the entire month of November based on annual flooding during monsoon season. This picture is from last year.

For those that can’t remember what it was like November 2008, here’s a reminder

Technical diving trips will still be conducted to Khao Sok and the Similan Islands but this will only be open for already certified technical divers.

During this month Big Blue Tech will undergo many changes to it’s facilities, staff and diving destinations.

Big Blue Tech will say goodbye to many veteran staff members but welcomes two new employees.

Panos Iosifoglou

Panos is a long term employee of Big Blue Diving, his humor and friendliness got him the job in the first place but his spoken language of Greek and German let him keep it. Panos has moved to Big Blue Khao Lak where he will be the regional representative for Big Blue Tech while working for the recreational diving industry. Panos is an experienced instructor and has been on all our expeditions. If you want to know about technical diving in the similan islands he’s the man to ask. he can be reached at

Ash Dunn

Ash is scheduled to replace Christos Kardana as facilities manager on December 1st. Ash who is a “water and heating molecular engineer” or “plumber” is from England and has goals of staying in Thailand for the next 5 years. He speaks with thick “Jordie” accent which means he won’t be answering phones but he was hand picked for the job because he is a hard working and trust worthy man. His love for Hip-Hop from his time playing basketball for England’s national team will quickly be replaced with forced fed heavy metal on 24 hours a day in the tech room. he can be reached at

Big Blue Tech will also be expanding both in physical shop size and equipment to accommodate the diving schedule in the new year. With focus on Koh Tao for training and expeditions for diving.

Big Blue Tech would like to thank everyone who helped us for this season and we look forward to diving and working with everyone again in December.


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