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Technical Diving Khao Lak

Big Blue Tech and Big Blue Diving Khao Lak joined forces recently for the installation of a continuous flow nitrox blending system on our new liveaboard the Mv Pawara which will be providing liveaboard trips to the similan islands.

This combined effort was done to create a vessel that could support technical diving for the upcoming season.

Big Blue Khao Lak is the only technical diving facility in Khao Lak offering technical and cave diving course through the instruction of Big Blue Tech. All our training and diving will be done from our new vessel so it had to be installed correctly.

The blending system was organized by Samui Easytek and shipped to the area for installation. The existing ventillation system on the massive liveaboard had to be replaced along with compressor oil replacement from mineral oil to synthetic.

The installation took two days and was tested with 0.1% accuracy. (no leaks)

The install comes just in time as the first trip leaves the shore in just a few days.

In addition to the install, Big Blue Khao Lak is also opening a second shop to support it’s additional 2 speed boats which will be taking people daily to local dive sites.

As a side note, the larger more robust divers of Khao Lak are celebrating the opening of McDonalds directly across the street from the Big Blue Khao Lak office.


4 responses

  1. Mike Borneo

    Hillarious….you had to comment on the McDonald’s. So are you moving there permanently or what?

    October 29, 2009 at 3:40 pm

  2. Mat Payne

    Lovely McDonalds pic!

    October 30, 2009 at 7:41 am

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