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Un-Reel Diving in Thailand

Big Blue Tech has recently returned from cavern and cave diving in one of Thailand’s National Parks called Khao Sok. Big Blue Tech conducted a TDI (Technical Diving International) Cavern and Extended Range course for Matt Payne, Mike Borneo and Ash Dunn. Matt and Mike who had already completed their Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures with us earlier in the year returned to join this expedition with Ash Dunn who will be joining the tech crew in December as our new facilities manager.

The 4 day expedition in Khao Sok proved to be a text book adventure of challenging dives in stunning surroundings. On this particular trip the water had risen another 5m making the sunken temple out of range for the 55m certification depth.

The increase in water level on the lake was a result of heavy water fall leading up to the trip. Thankfully the rain fall and preceeding weather didn’t effect diving conditions or underwater visibiility leaving nothing but clear skies and sunshine.

The expedition progressed with the required training dives for the Cavern Diver certification followed by exploration for new cave systems and accelerated decompression dives up to 55m.

The students were introduced to new and unfamiliar conditions with diving from a longtail and in fresh water. While most chose the more formal method of backwards roll, others like United States Marine Captain Mike Borneo chose a more uncoventional method.

One of the more interesting highlights of the caverns was the exploration of a dry pool above one of the systems where a dive could surface to see the stalagtites and stalagmites forming above. An interesting spectacle when all the dive computers registered that we were still at 4m while very clearly above the surface of the water.

As the trip concluded, the divers had experienced 10 fresh water dives and combined their previous training with the challenges of overhead environment.

Big Blue Tech would like to tank Prival Raft House and Big Blue Diving for their support and assistance conducting this expedition.

Big Blue Tech returns to the region for more diving in December of 2009.


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