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It’s rEvo CElebration time!

rEvo Rebreathers is extremely pleased to announce that it received confirmation that the rEvo III fully complies with prEN14143:2009, the basis for the (future) new rebreather standard EN14143:2009.

The EN14143:2009 will be the successor of the EN14143:2003, and is sent out to the national technical committees for inquiry. (which means that from that moment it can be used for certification.)

The compliance to the new rebreather standard is for both the manual version (mCCR) and for the automatic version (hCCR), in both sizes (standard and mini)

As soon as the last tests and certifications of some components (the tank valves and pressure gauges) are validated by the notified body, the Certificate will be issued.

Latest, starting January 1st 2010, rEvo Rebreathers will supply CE type approved units directly to the European market.

This result is obtained after more then 2 years of work, testing, developing, large investments (the rebreather testing facility), but also thanks to the feedback and support of our customers.

rEvo Rebreathers will continue to develop and support their customers.


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