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Halcyon new Infinity BC System

*Coming to Big Blue Tech in November 2009

The most exciting thing to happen with BCs since the invention of the Scuba tank.
Halcyon Manufacturing is proud to announce our newest BC model, the Infinity ™. The Infinity’s most distinguishing feature is the novel harness adjustment known as the Cinch™. Our quick-adjust Harness (patent pending) redefines what it means to dive a backplate, providing unparalleled comfort and stability in a system with infinite adjustability. Unlike other designs the Cinch™ adjustment eliminates all quick release buckles and dangling webbing. This industry-first innovation marries the stability and streamlining of a backplate with the comfort and flexibility of a recreational jacket BC.
Key Features

  • Infinite adjustability in the blink of an eye
  • Snug, stable fit with easy removal
  • Easily adjustable while in or out of the water
  • Quick, easy fit is ideal for diver training
  • Useful for managing stressed or unconscious divers
  • Easily convertible for suits of varying thickness
  • Seamless use of weight pockets, canister light, hip D-ring
  • Includes Quick-adjust Crotch Strap
  • Deluxe shoulder/backplate pads for unparalleled comfort
  • Backplate pad contains pocket for lift devices
  • Comes standard with ACB10 Weight Pockets
  • Cinch adjustment can be used with singles or doubles

The difference between this and their other BCs is profound; there is a new adjustable harness which allows you to pull tight your harness. This lets you go between a wetsuit and drysuit without having to adjust those pesky belt slides. We got one as a demo in the shop recently, and we are very impressed with it. The cinch is tight enough that it won’t accidentally loose slack, but tightens with a quick pull. They’ve also created an adjustable crotch strap that can be lengthened or shortened in a pull. The harness has two other features worth mentioning; the left D-ring is on a fixed piece of webbing so it will stay stationary as you tighten the harness, and there is a buckle on the right side that serves to hold your canister light.

The new chinch harness is available in several configurations: you can buy the entire package with wing and backplate for 35,000 thb, just the harness pads for 4500 thb, just the cinch adjustment harness to upgrade your current system for $5000, or just the adjustable crotch strap for 2000 thb.

We are offering these online now as a pre-order. Halcyon has told us they expect to ship the first week of November, and we’ll ship pre-orders on a first come, first serve basis.


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