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Technically it’s extended range diving

Today Big Blue Tech, a technical diving school based on Koh Tao in Thailand celebrates the graduation of Phil Elmer from his TDI Extended Range Course.

Phil arrived on Koh Tao almost a week previously and began with some technical diving fun dives as he was already certified as a TDI Decompression Procedures Diver. After a few trips Phil was ready to start his course. The TDI extended range course certifies the student to 55m and to use a variety of gas mixes and techniques for decompression diving. Phil started off in confined with a skill refresher and an introduction to how we do skills and then we were off deep diving the next day. The course took us to various locations, wrecks and conditions.

The final day was conducted by looking for new wrecks using gps and sonar from fishermen marks on our own boat. After a few sweeps and some dives we came up empty handed but it was great experience for Phil to see how wreck searches are conducted and it was a chance for Big Blue Tech to cross off an area of interest leaving only a few more search areas left.

As reported on the Big Blue Diving blog:
“Meanwhile in the deeply technical world of Deep Tech diving, ‘Canada’ (James Thornton-Allan) & his tattooed team of black hooded twin tank techie boys have been taking Navakid off for a jolly with a fish finder & a depth reader to see if they can find somewhere deep & dark to go diving. Ideally chancing upon a wreck would be a fine thing, but we’ll suffice with a ridge or a wall or a series of pinnacles. As long as its deep & its dark & its technical & it involves carrying around lots of tanks & a gimps hat it doesn’t really matter!”

Tonight the celebration will continue with a party at “Moov” which will be their last for the season.

Below are pictures from his course:


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