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HMAS Canberra scuttled

The 138 metre guided-missile frigate acquired by Victoria in 2006 will now become a much sought-after dive site 30 metres below the surface.

About 16 charges located in the ship’s hull were detonated about 2pm (AEST) on Sunday, creating a soft popping noise and a puff of grey smoke. Water flowed through pre-made holes in the ship and it sank in about two minutes.

Commercial clearance divers were expected to survey the wreck once it had settled later on Sunday to ensure all the charges had detonated.

Moorings will then be installed by Parks Victoria before the government opens the site for divers, in about a month’s time.

Built in 1978 and launched two years later, the frigate served Australia for 24 years before it was decommissioned in 2005.

It served in the Middle East following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1992 and helped evacuate Australians from Jakarta in 1998 during the student riots that deposed Indonesian president Suharto.


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