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Diver detection success in UK port trials

Underwater acoustic equipment supplier Reson has successfully demonstrated contraband and diver detection systems in UK ports.The multibeam sonar tracks divers and alerts operators to their presence on a geo-referenced map of the area.

Three separate demonstrations at Southampton, Falmouth and Chichester were conducted to test contraband detection using the SeaBat 7128 multibeam sonar system. These demos were staged in front of representatives from the Royal Navy, the Royal Netherlands Navy, and the US Navy.

During the demonstrations Reson was able to positively identify items as small as a brick at ranges above 30m, and at water depths of 7m to 20m. The detection of such small item at these ranges had not yet been achieved by even a modern naval minehunter.A fourth trial for the Royal Navy of the SeaBat 7112 multibeam sonar system was focusing on diver detection. Using the SeaBat 7112 system in conjunction with the SeaBat 7128 system for diver detection, Reson was able to detect targets at a long distance and make positive distinctions between divers and other targets.

The SeaBat 7128 multibeam forward looking sonar has high resolution and installation flexibility and is well suited for a variety of underwater imaging applications from a surface vessel in water up to 6,000m deep.

SeaBat 7112 multibeam sonar system for diver detection consists of a circular array and projector ensonifying a cylindrical volume of water up to 1,000m range. Designed to detect small targets such as divers with closed circuit re-breather equipment, the systems will track and alert operators of their presence on a geo-referenced map of the area.


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