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Diving Accomodation on Koh Tao

The past few days after the return from the Khao Sok we’ve been quite busy sorting out all the equipment and gear for the next serial of training and diving. We’ve also been gifted with 2 teenagers from Sweden who are here to gain work experience during their 2 week holiday. Although they have come here for big blue diving we decided to steal them for the day and get them to work taking pictures of our new resort.

Welcome to Big Blue Anders and Alicia!!

Here’s what they had to say about their first day…

Today was the first day here at Big Blue for us. As Marine Biology students from Sweden we are here to gain work experience in the diving industry and its associated marine branch. We will be here for about 2 weeks and we hope to learn a lot about diving and also get a view of how the company runs. When we first came this morning we met Kayleigh who will be looking after us during our stay here. Today we have met almost everyone at Big Blue and all of them are really nice and welcoming. We were shown around and now have more understanding of how things work around here. The coolest thing so far must have been when Christos showed us all the equipment that is needed for technical diving and we learned about how to make sure you get the best air combination in the tanks depending on the depth of the dive planned. To sum up, we had a great day here at Big Blue! Everyone we met has been really friendly, happy and they are all very professional! We can hardly express how grateful we are to Big Blue for letting us come here and learn. We can’t wait for tomorrow!

Christos has also been given a long awaited day off and decided to go free diving this morning as the sun rose over the mountains of Koh Tao. Not a bad way to spend a day off.

Below is a collection of our hotel we use for all our technical diving students.


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